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Recruitment of ¡°Modern Oncology¡± Young Editors
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¡¡¡¡Recruitment of ¡°Modern Oncology¡± Young Editors¡¡¡¡¡°Modern Oncology¡± (ISSN1672-4992, CN61-1415/R, semimonthly publication) is a nation-level domestic and foreign public released oncology periodical, proved by ¡°Ministry of Chinese Science and Technique¡± and ¡°News Publication Administration¡±, also is one of the series periodicals of Chinese Anti-cancer Association. The journal is sponsored by Chinese Anti-cancer Association, Shaanxi Anti-cancer Association of China, Shaanxi Cancer Institute, Shaanxi Medical Academy of China and is managed by Shaanxi Scientific Technical Association. This journal is included by ¡°Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations¡±, ¡°Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journals Impact Factors¡±,¡°Chinese Scientific and Technical Core Periodical¡±, ¡°Chemical Abstracts of USA¡± , ¡°Chinese Journal Net¡±, ¡°Chinese Academic Journal (CD-ROM Version) Full Text Database¡±, ¡°China Core Journals (Selection) Database¡±, ¡°Chinese Biomedical Literature Database¡±, also is the full text internet journal of ¡°Wanfang Data-Digital Periodical ¡±, the source journal of ¡°China Abstracts of Academic Periodicals¡±and ¡°Chinese Medical Abstract Oncology¡±.¡°Modern Oncology¡± aims at introducing the latest achievement and progress in this field, covers the diagnosis, therapy, basic research, clinical study, researching method, experience, prevention of tumor. The major columns are special paper, original paper, basic study, clinical research, review, epidemiology, short report, experience communication, western and Chinese traditional medicine, etc.
¡¡¡¡In recent years, with the rapid development of basic and clinical research of tumor, tumor-related contributions are more and tumor-related journals are constantly emerging, so higher requirements on the magazine are made.In order to adapt to the tumor medical development request, young editors need to be organized.We sincerely invite young experts at  home and abroad who have insights,professional foundation, strong interest for the tumor clinical and basic research and have enthusiasm to join in.
1. Qualifications
1.1 General conditions:Under the age of 40 with Ph.D.Engaging in epidemiology, basic research, tumor pathology, clinical diagnosis and treatment and other related profession and having professional title with deputy-high class.Hosted the national scientific research project as the first charge in three years and published three or more papers in the research field of SCI journals.
1.2 Being proficient in application of computer and network, can through the network contributing, examining and approving manuscripts,retrieving scientific research information and being familiar with using domestic and foreign journals and databases.Having professional writing ability in Chinese and English, and can write more than two papers for ¡°Modern Oncology¡± every year.
1.3 Understanding the characteristics and dynamic of ¡°Modern Oncology¡±, willing to examining and approving manuscripts with objective and fair attitude,and can complete the task rigorously on schedule.
1.4 Willing to introduce ¡°Modern Oncology¡± while participating in domestic and international communication and cooperation,recommending the authors and organizing excellent papers for magazine.To actively take part in or organize relevant personnel to participate in editorial board and academic communication activities in the journal.
2. Rights for young editors
2.1 Award letter of appointment and invite young editors to participate in the editor board.reviewers training and academic communication activities.
2.2 Can free publish a young editor 1 to 2 papers by himself which are provincial-level funds.Excellent papers recommended from young editors can be reviewed and published preferentially.
2.3 According to the number of reviewing,reviewing quality and other work,remuneration was paid by the editorial department.
2.4 Have a priority to participate in academic activities hosted by editorial department,such as training,academic communication.
3. Employ,employment term and exit
Eligible persons comply with the above conditions can apply for our young editors,please provide the below information.
3.1 Copy of ID Card,professional title,academic certificate and the highest degree certificate.
3.2 Fill in ¡°Young editor application form¡±( see annex form),and send E-mail of electronic edition to sxzlyx@263.net.Print by place unit of scientific research department audit stamp by mail to the newsroom.
3.3 Research papers published in recent five years directory and certificate provided by a unit.
3.4 Certificate copy of Fund project (or subject).
3.5 Certificate of employment in other publications.
3.6 Registration forms must be received by May 31, 2017.Paper material will be subject to postmark.
¡¡¡¡Applicants to the above information is delivered to the "Modern Oncology" editorial department£¬the editorial department will carry on examine to personal reliability of data.After the adoption,the letter of appointment is awarded.
¡¡¡¡Employment term of Young Editors are two years,Editorial committee carry out dynamic management.After finish work arranged by the editorial,the young editor can preference to act as the next young editor.Some outstanding editorials will become Editorial Board Member.Young editor will be regarded as automatic exit,within the period of incompetent.

¡¡¡¡Address: "Modern Oncology" editorial department at 309 Yanta West Road, Shaanxi Xi¡¯an, China.
¡¡¡¡Post Code: 710061
¡¡¡¡E-mail: sxzlyx@263.net
¡¡¡¡Phone: (029) 85578876 (029)85276012
¡¡¡¡Contact Person:Yan Xuchong£¨13468669579£©;Zhang Mingxin(13572257475)

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