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    "Modern Oncology" (ISSN1672-4992, CN61-1415/R) is a national level professional oncology academic periodical, which approved by Ministry of Chinese Science and Technology and published both at home and abroad. "Modern Oncology"also is the series periodicals of Chinese Anti-cancer Association. The journal is sponsored by Chinese Anti-cancer Association, Shaanxi Anti-cancer Association of China, Shaanxi Cancer Institute, Shaanxi Medical Academy of China and is managed by Shaanxi Scientific Technical Association. This journal is included by "Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations", "Chinese Scientific and Technical Core Periodical","A Guide to the Core Journals of China" , "Chemical Abstracts of USA", "Japan Science and Technology Agency(Chinese Bibliographic Database), JST China”, "Chinese Journal Net", "Chinese Academic Journal (CD-ROM Version) Full Text Database", "China Core Journals (Selection) Database", "Chinese Biomedical Literature Database", also is the full text internet journal of "Wanfang Data-Digital Periodical", the source journal of core-board "China Abstracts of Academic Periodicals”and "Chinese Medical Abstractof Oncology".
    "Modern Oncology" mainly introduces thelatest achievement and progress in this field, covers the diagnosis, therapy, basic research, clinical study, researching method, experience, prevention of tumor. The major columns are special paper, original paper, basic study, clinical research, review, epidemiology, short report, experience communication, Western and Chinese traditional medicine, etc.
    Warmly welcome contributions from the experts and the scholars all partsof the world. After submissions published, authors will be granted National Continuing Education Credits of Class Ⅱ.
“Modern Oncology” will be
published semimonthly since Jan,2015. The total pages are 144. It is the international standard A4 format, with the text print insert color diagrams . The price of each journal is 10 yuan and annual 240 yuan (each issue priced $6 for overseas subscribers and annual $ 144). Welcome readers order the journal at the local post office (Mailroom code 52-297) or mail directly from the editorial department.
    Address: "Modern Oncology" editorial department at NO.309 Yanta West Road, Shaanxi Xian, China.
    Post Code: 710061
    Phone: 029-85578876, 029-85277356, 029-85276012