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The influence of scanning condition of CT simulated positioner on image quality

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2022 04
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The influence of scanning condition of CT simulated positioner on image quality
ZHANG Kun1HAN Jingjing1LI Fang2WANG Xuemin1DENG Jia1YANG Di1WU Xiangyang1
1.Department of Radiation Oncology,Shaanxi Province Cancer Hospital,Shaanxi Xi'an 710061,China;2.The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University,Shaanxi Xi'an 710004,China.
radiotherapyCT simulationscanning protocolimage quality
Objective:To analyze the influence of different scanning conditions of large-size CT simulation positioning machine on images quality,and provide reference for the selection of scanning protocol in simulation positioning work.Methods:The Catphan504 phantom was scanned with a Philips large-aperture CT simulation positioning machine,and the influence of scanning conditions such as tube voltage,tube current,layer thickness,filter,scanning method,scanning field of view,and placement position on the CT image was analyzed.Results:The CT grayscale value was obviously affected by the tube voltage and the filter.The deviation of CT grayscale value is 69.6 HU for the 140 kV tube voltage.The maximum deviation of CT grayscale value was 215.3 HU for the Sharp Edge filter.The image uniformity was obviously affected by the filters Detail,Y-Sharp,and Y-Detail.The spatial resolution parameters were significantly affected by the matrix,filter,and placement parameters.The contrast resolution parameter was obviously affected by the tube current and the filter.Conclusion:The influence of tube voltage,tube current,filter,matrix,and placement position on CT images cannot be ignored.In clinical work,appropriate scanning conditions should be selected according to clinical requirements to improve the image quality while ensuring the accuracy of CT values.


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