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Application of endorectal ultrasonography in rectal stromal tumor diagnosis and neoadjuvant therapy evaluation

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2022 04
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Application of endorectal ultrasonography in rectal stromal tumor diagnosis and neoadjuvant therapy evaluation
LIU Hanyue1ZHENG Bo1CHEN Yuexin1SHI Gang2
1.Department of Function,Huludao Central Hospital,Liaoning Huludao 125001,China;2.Department of Colorectal Surgery,Cancer Hospital of China Medical University,Liaoning Cancer Hospital ﹠Institute,Liaoning Shenyang 110042,China.
rectal stromal tumorendorectal ultrasonographyimatinib mesylate tablets
Objective:To observe the value of endorectal ultrasonography in rectal stromal tumor diagnosis and neoadjuvant therapy evaluation.Methods:Forty-six patients form May 2015 to May 2020 diagnosed as submucosal tumor was differentiated by endorectal ultrasonography retrospectively.Pathological diagnosis was golden standard and the ultrasonic diagnosis efficiency was identified.Endorectal ultrasonic datas were observed in 17 rectal stromal patients and the value of endorectal ultrasonography in imatinib neoadjuvant therapy evaluation was identified.The relationship between pathological risk and ultrasonic datas was observed.Results:The coincidence rate,sensitivity and specialty of endorectal ultrasonography with pathological diagnosis was 89.13%,88.24%,89.66% respectively.Endorectal ultrasonography showed that 52.94% tumor was over 5 cm,76.47% tumor echo was low,88.24% tumor did not show cystic changes,76.47% tumor showed abundant vascular supply and 64.71% tumor showed intraluminal growth pattern.Neoadjuvant therapy reaction in 14 patients was evaluated with endorectal ultrasonography,partial response rate was 57.14%(8/14),stable disease rate was 42.86%(6/14).Compared with pre-therapy,tumor diameter decreased(P<0.01),tumor echo decreased(P<0.05),cystic change increased(P<0.05),abundance of blood flow decreased(P<0.01).The tumor was large in diameter and the risk was high(P<0.01).The blood supply of the tumor was rich and the risk was high(P<0.05).Conclusion:Endorectal ultrasonography possesses relatively high sensitivity and specialty,which can be used to carry on differential diagnosis and evaluate the neoadjuvant therapy reaction.


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