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Research progress on anti-tumor effect of TNBG and its derivatives

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

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Research progress on anti-tumor effect of TNBG and its derivatives
CHEN Jiezhong1ZHENG Xiaohong2YU Yu3
1.Department of Medical Nursing,Jiyuan Vocational and Technical College,Henan Jiyuan 459000,China;2.School of Pharmacy,Chongqing Medical and Pharmaceutical College,Chongqing 401331,China;3.College of Pharmaceutical Science,Chongqing Medicinal University,Chongqing 400016,China.
TNBGtumordruglipid metabolism
Lipid metabolism plays an important role in tumor development and invasion,and has become one of the most important metabolic markers of tumor cells.PPARγ ligands or agonists have good anti-tumor effects on a variety of tumors.TNBG is an innovative anti-tumor drug developed independently.In vitro and in vivo experiments show that it has significant anti-tumor effect,presenting non cytotoxicit.It has been confirmed that PPARγ is its target.In this paper,the anti-tumor effects and mechanisms of TNBG and its derivatives are reviewed.


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