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The expression of IL28RA in gastric cancer tissue and its relationship with clinical pathological features and prognosis

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2023 13
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The expression of IL28RA in gastric cancer tissue and its relationship with clinical pathological features and prognosis
SU ChenZHANG GuoshanPAN JiachaoZHENG Yawen
Central Hospital Affiliated to Shandong First Medical University,Shandong Jinan 250000,China.
gastric cancerexpression of IL28RAsurvivalCD8+T cells
Objective:To analyze the expression of IL28RA in gastric cancer tissue and its relationship with clinical pathological characteristics and prognosis of patients.Methods:Immunohistochemical staining of IL28RA,CD8 and PD-L1 was performed on gastric cancer tissue chip.χ2 test was used to analyze the relationship between IL28RA protein expression and clinicopathologic features of gastric cancer patients.Kaplan-Meier survival analysis for univariate analysis and COX regression for multivariate analysis were performed.Results:In 94 patients with gastric cancer,the average age was 62.4 years old,and the number of male patients was 55 cases,39 patients with pathological grade 1-2,54 cases with tumor diameter of 5 cm or less,56 cases with stage III-IV and 83% of patients with tumor occurred in the gastric body and antrum (78/94).There was no statistical difference in the expression of IL28RA between cancer and adjacent cancer.The patients were divided into high expression group and low expression group according to the IL28RA score >3 or ≤3.The results showed that the expression of IL28RA was different in tumor stage and PD-L1 expression (P<0.05),but there was no difference with gender,age,tumor site and size.Gastric cancer patients with high expression of IL28RA had better prognosis (P=0.01).TNM stage,CD8+T cell proportion and IL28RA expression were independent prognostic factors of gastric cancer,and HR was 1.39 (P=0.04),0.55 (P=0.04) and 0.50 (P=0.02),respectively.Patients with low TNM staging,high percentage of CD8+T cell infiltration,and high expression of IL28RA had a better prognosis.When the three factors were combined to predict survival,the area under ROC curve reached 0.727.Conclusion:Our study showed that high expression of IL28RA in patients with gastric cancer predicted better prognosis,suggesting IL28RA as a potential prognostic factor of gastric cancer.


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