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Expressions of Bmi-1 and p53 and significance in colon cancer

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2017 02
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Expressions of Bmi-1 and p53 and significance in colon cancer
He Yamin1Gao Lili1Li Hui1Qian Xiaoping2
1.Department of Pathology,Jiangsu Province Hospital of TCM,Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of TCM,Jiangsu Nanjing 210029,China;2.The Comprehensive Cancer Centre,Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital Clinical College of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine,Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine,Jiangsu Nanjing 210008,China.
colon carcinomaBmi-1p53expression
Objective:To investigate expressions and significance of Bmi-1 and p53 in colon cancer.Methods:Expression of Bmi-1 and p53 were detected in 60 cases of tumor tissues and tumor-adjacent normal tissues by the immunohistochemical SP method.Results:The positive expression of Bmi-1 in colon cancer were 34 cases(the positive rate was 56.7%)and 2 cases in cancer adjacent normal tissues(the positive rate was 3.33%).The positive expression of p53 in colon cancer were 44 cases and the positive rate was 73.3%.The positive expression of p53 in cancer adjacent normal tissues was 0%.The differential expressions of Bmi-1 and p53 in colon cancer and normal tissues had significant difference (P<0.05).Over-expression of Bmi-1 and p53 had no relation with age,gender and tumor depth (P>0.05),but was significantly related to tumor differentiation,lymph node metastasis,and Duke's staging (P<0.05,P<0.01).Bmi-1 and p53 expression was positively correlated (r=0.461,P<0.01).Conclusion:The expression of Bmi-1 and p53 can be used as an effective index to evaluate the prognosis of colon cancer.Bmi-1 and p53 may be new molecular markers for predicting the metastasis of colon cancer.


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