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Research progress of the relationship between serum response factor and tumor

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2023 13
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Research progress of the relationship between serum response factor and tumor
ZHENG Axiu1YUAN Jianling1LUO Botao1JIE Wei12
1.Pathological Diagnosis and Research Center,the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University,Guangdong Zhanjiang 524023,China;2.Department of Oncology,the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University,Hainan Haikou 570102,China.
serum response factortumor pathogenesistumor targeted therapy
There is tight relationship between cancers and abnormal expression of SRF,and high expression of SRF strongly enhances the ability of cancer cell survival,proliferation,migration and invasion.In addition,SRF was reported to be related to cancer stem cell,self-renewal and tumor drug resistance.SRF has oncogene properties,and some specific inhibitors targeted on SRF have been attracted much attentions.This article summarizes the research progress of SRF in tumorigenesis and progression,as well as its mechanism in cancer,and we also prospect the significance of SRF as a target in tumor prevention and treatment.


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