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Research progress on the mechanism of drug resistance of the third generation EGFR-TKIs and the fourth generation EGFR inhibitors

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2023 13
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Research progress on the mechanism of drug resistance of the third generation EGFR-TKIs and the fourth generation EGFR inhibitors
CHEN YuanLIU Lingshuang
Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine,Shanghai 200032,China.
EGFR-TKIsoxitinibnon-small cell lung cancer
The discovery of EGFR gene mutations detected in up to 50% of lung adenocarcinoma patients and the development of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors (EGFR-TKIs) have revolutionized the treatment of lung cancer.At present,EGFR-TKIs have been developed into three generations.Third generation EGFR-TKIs that overcome first/second generation resistance show a significant advantage in patient survival.However,as with other targeted therapies,new EGFR mutations,as well as other resistance mechanisms,emerge quickly after treatment,posing a significant barrier to cancer therapies aimed at overcoming this chemical resistance.In this review,we summarize the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance to third generation EGFR inhibitors and ongoing efforts to address and overcome this chemical resistance.The status quo of the fourth generation of EGFR-TKIs is also discussed.These inhibitors are of great value in overcoming resistance to the third generation of EGFR-TKIs and seem to have greater therapeutic benefits in clinical practice.


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