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The role of RBP2 and its selective inhibitors in tumor

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2023 13
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The role of RBP2 and its selective inhibitors in tumor
LU Zijun1FENG Tongfu2
1.Wuhan University of Science and Technology School of Medical,Hubei Wuhan 430081,China;2.Department of Gynecology,Maternal and Child Hospital of Hubei Province,Hubei Wuhan 430070,China.
histone demethylasesRBP2inhibitortumor
Retinol-binding protein 2(RBP2) can mediate gene silencing and regulate cell function through removing dimethyl and trimethyl from the fourth lysine of histone H3 specifically.Many studies have shown that RBP2 is closely related to tumor.It not only contributes to the differentiation,metabolism and proliferation of tumor cells,but also inhibits the expression of suppressor genes of tumor cells,induces tumor cell invasion and metastasis,and promotes the occurrence of drug resistance.Therefore,RBP2 can become one of the new targets for tumor diagnosis and treatment.The study of selective inhibitors of RBP2 will help us to understand its structure,function and biological function,and contributes to develop new anticancer drugs.


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