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The role of miRNA-4295/ST18 axis in the occurrence of breast cancer and its clinical value for early screening and diagnosis of breast cancer

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2023 13
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The role of miRNA-4295/ST18 axis in the occurrence of breast cancer and its clinical value for early screening and diagnosis of breast cancer
XU YanminZHANG LinglingMA Xiufeng
Department of General Surgery,Hongqi Hospital Affiliated to Mudanjiang Medical University,Heilongjiang Mudanjiang 157000,China.
breast cancermicro RNA-4295(miRNA-4295)suppression of tumorigenicity 18(ST18)mechanismearly screeningdiagnosis
Objective:To explore the mechanism of micro RNA-4295(miRNA-4295)/suppression of tumorigenicity 18(ST18) axis in the occurrence of breast cancer,and its clinical value in early screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.Methods:GeneChip technology was used to screen the difference of miRNAs spectrum for breast cancer.Real time quantitative PCR was used to verify the difference miRNAs.Transwell assay and flow cytometry analysis were used to evaluate the migration and apoptosis of breast cancer cells.Bioinformatics analysis and double luciferase reporting experiment to find miRNA downstream targets.The efficacy of biomarkers in the diagnosis of breast cancer was compared.Results:miRNA-4295 was highly expressed in breast cancer tissues.Overexpression of miRNA-4295 promotes breast cancer cell migration,however,inhibition of miRNA-4295 reduces migrationand induces apoptosis of breast cancer cells.Double luciferase experiment confirmed that ST18 was the downstream target of miRNA-4295.Transfection of ST18 wild type plasmid inhibits migration and induces apoptosis of breast cancer cells,reversing the effect of miRNA-4295.The combined detection of miRNA-4295,CA153 and CEA was significantly superior to the single detection of CA153,CEA and miRNA-4295(all P<0.05) in the diagnosis of breast cancer.The area under the ROC curve of the combined detection was 0.775.Conclusion:miRNA-4295 participates in the occurrence and development of breast cancer by targeting ST18.The combined detection of miRNA-4295,CA153 and CEA can significantly improve the efficiency of early screening and diagnosis of breast cancer,and has important clinical value for early screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.


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