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Corralation between metabolic symdrome and the occurrence and severity of differentiated thyroid carcinoma

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2023 13
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Corralation between metabolic symdrome and the occurrence and severity of differentiated thyroid carcinoma
HE Qingyuan1YAN Huiming2
1.The Second Clinical Medicial School,Shanxi Medicial University,Shanxi Taiyuan 030000,China;2.Department of General Surgery,the School Hospital of Shanxi Medicial University,Shanxi Taiyuan 030000,China.
metabolic syndromedifferentiated thyroid carcinomaclinicopathological characteristics
Objective:To investigate the correlation between metabolic syndrome and its components and the occurrence and severity of differentiated thyroid carcinoma.Methods:The clinical data of 423 patients underwent surgical treatment for thyroid nodules during June 2020 and June 2022 were retrospectively collected.According to the pathological results,they were divided into 138 cases of benign nodule and 285 cases of malignant nodule.According to whether they had metabolic syndrome,285 cases of malignant nodule were divided into 156 cases of differentiated thyroid carcinoma and 129 cases of differentiated thyroid carcinoma combined with metabolic syndrome.Results:The mean BMI and the proportion of metabolic syndrome in the malignant group were significantly higher than those in the benign group,and the mean age in the malignant group was lower than that in the benign group(P<0.05).The mean of body mass index,blood pressure,fasting blood glucose,triglyceride,and number of tumor size≥1,tumor in bilateral thyroid,multifocal tumor in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer combined with metabolic syndrome were higher than those in patients without metabolic syndrome(P<0.05),and the level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol was lower(P<0.05).Conclusion:The thyroid nodules patients with metabolic syndrome were more likely to be malignant than those without metabolic syndrome,and showed more serious tendency in tumor size,tumor location,and number of cancer foci,suggesting that metabolic syndrome may be a risk factor affecting the severity of thyroid malignant tumors.


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