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Expression and clinical significance of YAP and Src in gastric cancer tissues

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2023 13
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Expression and clinical significance of YAP and Src in gastric cancer tissues
CAI Jiahui1TAO Fei2
1.Qinghai University,Qinghai Xining 810016,China;2.Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital,Qinghai Xining 810007,China.
gastric cancerYAPSrcimmunohistochemical
Objective:To investigate the differences in the expression of YAP and Src in tumor and adjacent tissues of patients with gastric cancer,and to analyze the relationship between the expression of YAP and Src in tumor tissues and clinicopathological features,as well as the correlation between the YAP expression and Src expression.Methods:Sixty-one patients with gastric cancer diagnosed in Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital from 2020 to 2022 were collected,and 61 cases of tumor tissues and 40 cases of adjacent tissues were collected.The expressions of YAP and Src in tumor tissues and adjacent tissues were detected by immunohistochemical method,and their expressions and correlations were analyzed.Their expressions were combined with clinicopathological data for statistical analysis.Results:The positive rates of YAP and Src expression in tumor tissues (95.1%,83.6%) were significantly higher than those in adjacent tissues (30.0%,27.5%) (all P<0.01).The expression of YAP in tumor tissues was related to the age,nationality,differentiation,infiltration depth,vascular invasion,nerve invasion and Ki67 positive index (all P<0.05).The expression of Src was correlated with nationality,tumor site,infiltration depth,nerve invasion,Ki67 positive index and HER-2 status (all P<0.05).The expression of YAP and Src in tumor tissues was positively correlated (r=0.514,P<0.01).Conclusion:YAP and Src are over-expressed in tumor tissues of patients with gastric cancer,and the expression of YAP and Src is positively correlated.The high expression of both of them is closely related to some adverse clinicopathological features of gastric cancer patients.


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