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Analysis of early diagnosis value of serum TSGF and VEGF-C in lung cancer

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2022 04
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Analysis of early diagnosis value of serum TSGF and VEGF-C in lung cancer
WU Jiang1LIU Hongping1ZHAO Mingcai1WANG Fen1DENG Rong1WU Hongwei2
1.Department of Laboratory Medicine,Suining Central Hospital,Sichuan Suining 629000,China;2.Department of Hematology,the First Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu Medical College,Sichuan Chengdu 610500,China.
lung cancerearly diagnosistumor-specific growth factorvascular endothelial growth factor C
Objective:To analyze the value of serum tumor-specific growth factor(TSGF) and vascular endothelial growth factor C(VEGF-C) in the early diagnosis of lung cancer.Methods:The patients with lung cancer diagnosed by pathology and CT diagnosed(80 cases) and patients with benign lung disease(50 cases) in our hospital from February 2018 to December 2019 were selected as the lung cancer group and benign lung disease group.Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to detect serum TSGF and VEGF-C levels in two groups of patients before treatment.The differences of serum TSGF,VEGF-C and other factors that may cause lung cancer between the two groups were compared,and the risk factors of lung cancer were determined by logistic regression analysis.Draw the receiver characteristic working curve(ROC),and calculate the area under the curve(AUC),and analyze the serum TSGF,VEGF-C levels for the early diagnosis of lung cancer.Kappa consistency was used to test the consistency between the gold standard of combined diagnosis of serum TSGF and VEGF-C and pathological diagnosis.Results:The proportion of patients with poor emotion regulation,smoking,family tumor history,respiratory disease history and the levels of serum TSGF and VEGF-C in lung cancer group were higher than those in benign lung disease group(P<0.05),and multi-factor Logistic regression analysis showed that the above factors were all independent risk factors of lung cancer(P<0.05).ROC results showed that the best cut-off points for TSGF and VEGF-C in the diagnosis of early lung cancer were 604.50 U/mL and 28.70 ng/L,and AUC was 0.794 and 0.732,respectively.With TSGF>604.50 U/mL and VEGF-C>28.70 ng/L as the positive diagnostic criteria for early lung cancer,tandem diagnosis was performed.After Kappa consistency test,TSGF combined with VEGF-C had a high consistency with the gold standard for pathological examination(Kappa=0.754,P<0.05).Conclusion:TSGF and VEGF-C are abnormally highly expressed in the serum of lung cancer patients.The serum level of TSGF and the serum level of VEGF-C are of high value for the early diagnosis of lung cancer,and the combined application of the two has a higher diagnostic efficiency.


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