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The influence of Lmcp to the active of protein Survivin in endometrial cancer cells

Journal Of Modern Oncology[ISSN:1672-4992/CN:61-1415/R]

2018 10
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The influence of Lmcp to the active of protein Survivin in endometrial cancer cells
Liu LingZhang YanWei Li
The Forth Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University,Liaoning Shenyang 110000,China.
Lmcpendometrial cancerSurvivin
Objective:To detect the influence of Lmcp to expression of protein Survivin in endometrial cancer cells Ishikawa.Methods:To detect the expression of protein Survivin in endometrial cancer cells Ishikawa after being affected by Lmcp with different density range(0,100,300,500 nmol/L) and different time range(0,6,12,36 h) using the way of Western blot.Results:The expression of protein Survivin in endometrial cancer cells Ishikawa can be weakened by increasing affect density and affect time.Conclusion:Lmcp can weak the expression of protein Survivin in endometrial cancer cells Ishikawa with a dose(0~500 nmol/L) and time(0~36 h) dependent manner.


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